Jeanne had a passion for dogs since her childhood. She landed her first dog walking job at the age of eleven, a beautiful Beagle named Randy.  Jeanne received her degree in nutrition and worked successfully in the field for over 30 years.  

Jeanne's family experienced the Ranch Bernardo fires in San Diego. As a result, their beloved Saint Bernard Chance passed from respiratory complications.  While visiting the Humane Society to donate Chance's belongings, she felt a calling to become involved.  During her time at the Humane Society, she achieved the highest level of dog handling.  She also has experience working with blind, deaf, and epileptic dogs.  She is now using all her skills in the profession of dog walking and pet sitting services.  

About Our Personalized Care

Precious Pups is a professional family owned dog walking business. We provide dog walking and pet sitting services to the Carmel, Fishers, McCordsville & Noblesville communities.  Precious Pups is committed to treating your pet(s) and home with the love, care and respect that you deserve. Our personalized dog walking & pet sitting service ensures that every visit is tailored to your pet's specific needs. We provide specialized care and exercise, which promotes each pets social, physical and emotional health at any stage of their life. At Precious Pups you and your pets happiness is our primary concern.

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Ariana Grace

Meet Ariana Grace.  (Dana and Roy's daughter) Future Precious Pups team member.

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Dana & Joe

Joe, has had extensive experience with various breeds of dogs.  He has a love for giant breeds but enjoys working with canines of all sizes.  He has personally raised and trained Saint Bernard's, Chesapeake Bay Retriever's, and Siberian Huskies.

Joe believes that it's our responsibility as humans to care for domestic pets as well as animals of the wild.  His compassion for animal care lead him to become a vegetarian and later a member of PETA.

Dana, has been around pets her entire life.  She is committed and passionate about providing top quality care for pets and their families. 

Dana has always had a desire to have a family business in a field that she loves.  She has been the inspiration behind "Precious Pups".  In addition to her new role as mother of Ariana Grace, she is Precious Pups Administrative Coordinator.  Dana will be available for any of your questions and scheduling needs.